Capital Improvement Program

Project: Springfield Drainage Improvements Project No: DR0905 Status: Design/Pre-Construction Category: Drainage Improvements
Location: Savannah River to I 516, MLK to Chatham Parkway Start Year: 2005 End Year: TBD
Council District: 1,5 Project Manager: Melanie Cragnolin mcragnolin@Savannahga.Gov
Scope: To make drainage improvements in the Springfield basin
Comments: 7/22/2020 5:22:29 PM:
Conceptual plans for canal widening and floodplain creation within the Canal District and lower Springfield Canal have been produced. City staff are composing an RFP for procurement of final design, bidding, and construction services phase services. Staff have also been working on an application package for an Economic Development Administration grant. This grant has the potential of providing an additional funding mechanism for further canal improvements. Initial phase improvements are focused on canal widening and floodplain creation between I-16 and Louisville Road.

3/30/2020 3:17:33 PM:
City and Thomas and Hutton coordinated on additional services to analysis the lower Springfield Canal existing alignment for improved 100-year storm conveyance. Conceptual exhibits were created and opinion of probable cost produced resulting in an improved vertical sheet pile wall 100' wide channel and large new stormwater pump station adjacent to the existing station. City staff continue to conceptualize the scale of improvements and funding mechanism. Staff is also focused on improvements within the lower Springfield Canal - Canal District. Improvements to the canal consisting of widening to 100' in this area will provide additional storage and conveyance capacity within the drainage basin as well.

12/19/2019 3:57:51 PM:
Consultant Thomas and Hutton delivered the post Matthew model update report in November. We learned that GPA has not approved the easement. We learned that GDOT is willing to allow an easement for a canal, but that the improvements within said easement must be relocatable. As this solution is untenable to the City, work continues to work on the main canal as solution. SPLOST was approved, allocating $45 M for improvements.

9/30/2019 1:03:42 PM:
We are told that the Georgia Ports Authority board approved the easement for the canal bypass thru Ports property during the quarter. Thomas and Hutton is expected to deliver the hydraulic report for the basin by the end of October. The Arena Canal committee continues to request an evaluation be performed for necessary conveyance width to support development without detention. Thomas and Hutton owes Staff that proposal.

7/2/2019 3:06:58 PM:
Negotiations continue with Georgia Ports Authority regarding a requested easement thru GPA property for an alternate outfall for the Springfield system. The alternate outfall will allow upstream improvements to be constructed. Thomas & Hutton is analyzing the entire basin for the future built out condition to ensure lower canal constructed widths are optimized. Canal district development guidelines are being created with recommendations from the basin study by T&H.

3/29/2019 2:22:25 PM:
Meetings and conversations continued with Georgia Ports Authority staff regarding a drainage easement thru GPA property near the Talmadge Bridge to enable a bypass canal to help with drainage in the lower Springfield basin.

12/31/2018 11:51:24 AM:
Consultant Thomas & Hutton is finalizing the modeling update report. Staff met with Georgia Department of Transportation(GDOT) and Georgia Ports Authority (GPA)engineers requesting a canal easement for an alternate canal across Louisville Road and under the Talmadge Bridge. Thomas & Hutton is working on survey and acquisition plats for GPA's board meeting.

10/2/2018 1:45:58 PM:
Council voted to award a change order to Thomas & Hutton for additional modeling for the basin model. A conceptual layout and property acquisition plan was created and shared with Georgia Ports Authority and Georgia Department of Transportation for a supplemental canal that will restore the original alignment of the canal. Construction funding was submitted as part of the SPLOST VII request.

7/9/2018 4:23:19 PM:
Consultant Thomas & Hutton continues to work on the hydraulic modeling of the basin. Another change order has been requested to refine predicted flooding conditions in the upper basin. That change order will be recommended to an August or early September Council Agenda.

4/2/2018 11:52:16 AM:
Additional information to show built out conditions, and to add the new Georgia Ports Authority re-establishment of the original route of the Springfield Canal was requested of the consultant. A change order is being prepared for approval.

4/2/2018 11:52:16 AM:
Additional information to show built out conditions, and to add the new Georgia Ports Authority re-establishment of the original route of the Springfield Canal was requested of the consultant. A change order is being prepared for approval.

12/27/2017 10:05:02 AM:
Consultant Thomas & Hutton delivered a hydraulic model and conceptual update in its report dated December 2017. The hydraulic model was calibrated for flows encountered during Hurricane Matthew. The three flood mitigation projects analyzed for the GEMA HGMP application did not show a favorable cost/benefit ratio by themselves, but are critical for upstream drainage improvements in the North Springfield basin.

11/3/2017 10:30:58 AM:
Consultant Thomas & Hutton is working under a consultant agreement approved by Council to update and claibrate the hydraulic model for flows encountered during Hurricane Matthew, and to address requirements of the GEMA HGMP application for three flood mitigation projects in the lower North Springfield basin.

6/14/2017 1:46:54 PM:
Project funding is presently being leveraged to update hydraulic model, respond to GEMA requests for information in anticipation of a Hazard Mitigation Grant request to fund three canal expansions near the pump station.

3/31/2017 12:08:38 PM:
Anticipated City participation funds in new GA Department Of Transportation project to widen and elevate Ogeechee Road/Hwy US 17

Last Project Update: 10/12/2020 3:05:06 PM
Fund(s): SPLOST IV (2003-08) | Contrbtn Frm Generl Fn
Project Financial Data Last Updated On: 7/10/2020 3:55:26 PM
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