Capital Improvement Program

Project: New Civic Center Arena Project No: CC0206 Status: Implementation/Construction Category: Civic Center Improvements
Location: Stiles Avenue & Gwinnett St. Start Year: 2008 End Year: 2021
Council District: 1 Project Manager: Bret Bell BBell@Savannahga.Gov
Scope: Construct a new Civic Center Arena at Stiles Avenue & Gwinnett Street
Comments: 12/8/2021 1:40:56 PM:
The arena has complete enclosure, and finishing and detail work under way, including the installation of decorative lighting, tilework, handrails, and store-front glass. Work on elevators, fixed seating, and plumbing is nearing completion. Ice chiller equipment passed all tests. However, the construction of road, canal and surface parking infrastructure has encountered significant challenges due to contamination, soil conditions, and supply chain disruptions. As a result, we have experienced delays in completing the Gwinnett Street widening, Stiles Avenue widening, canal bulkhead widening, and the surface parking lot, all of which will be under construction when the arena is expected to receive its certificate of occupancy in January. The development team is working on a temporary parking and traffic plan to allow the arena to open prior to completion of these projects.

8/17/2021 2:55:18 PM:
The arena is nearing complete enclosure following successful pouring of the ice floor on August 13. Work will now shift to interior details and seat installation. This quarter our partners announced that a naming rights sponsorship agreement had been reached with a subsidiary of The Colonial Group to name the facility the Enmarket Arena. Work has commenced on the 2,000-space surface parking lot, and a contract has been awarded to fabricate a pedestrian bridge to connect the lot to the arena over the Springfield Canal. Global supply-chain slowdowns and the environmental regulatory process have strained the scheduled completion of the Stiles Avenue and Gwinnett Street widening projects, in addition to the parking lot completion.

5/26/2021 12:50:45 PM:
Erection of the Arena's steel roof truss system began in January 2021, and was completed in April. The installation of the glass curtainwall began in February, and continues. The exterior brick installation began in March, and continues. Work is under way to complete the force main running north of the Arena, as well as Stiles Avenue widening between Gwinnett Street and the railroad tracks adjacent to the Arena. The foundations for the attached 400-space garage were completed in May, with vertical construction then commencing. The complete building enclosure is expected in June, with work then shifting to the interior buildout. The City expects to begin construction of the 2,000-space surface parking lot and pedestrian bridge over the Springfield Canal in June.

1/8/2021 10:16:45 AM:
Structural steel erection, concrete on deck installation and exterior wall framing under way. Installation has begun in the evening hours to install precast structural elements. On Dec. 22 City Council approved the Guaranteed Maximum Price and contract amendment with AECOM/Hunt to construct a 400-space $13.3 million parking garage attached to the north facade of the arena. Bidding documents being prepared for construction of 2,000-space surface parking lot on 20-acre parcel east of arena. Stiles Avenue utility relocation coordination in process to make way for Stiles widening. Force main and pump station installation north of arena scheduled to commence Feb. 1. The project remains on budget and on schedule to meet Dec. 2021 substantial completion date.

8/26/2020 10:37:29 AM:
Utilities and deep foundation work nearly complete, with structural steel erection schedule to begin Sept. 1. On August 13 City Council approved a total construction Guaranteed Maximum Price of $147.6 million. Under this GMP contract amendment, construction manager AECOM/Hunt is obligated to build the arena for less than this amount. This GMP brings the overall project within the total $165 million budget. Not included in that budget is the cost of arena's two parking facilities - the planned 400-space attached garage, and the 2,000-space surface parking lot. The GMP for the garage is expected in September, with construction expected in December or January. The City's development and mitigation plans for the parking lot are currently under review by the Georgia Environmental Protection Division. The project remains on schedule, with substantial construction completion expected in December 2021, and grand opening the first quarter of 2022.

4/1/2020 9:20:23 AM:
Site and utility work well under way, with foundation work commenced. By March 28, 152 of 729 planned drilled displacement piles had been installed. During site work, a number of buried oil drums, filers, tires and concrete barrels were discovered, which required removal. Letter of award issued for structural steel and concrete. Bids received for a number of other early release packages, including curtainwall glass, metal panels, exterior framing, roofing, and joint sealants. Design received for 400-space attached parking garage. Awaiting pricing from Perkins + Will. Development team has been meeting bi-weekly to develop new strategies to maximize participation of local disadvantaged businesses in arena project.

12/30/2019 10:13:16 AM:
Early release site work is under way. On Nov. 18, City Council approved contract amendment with architect Perkins + Will to design 400-space parking garage. On Dec. 19 P+W completed the steel bid package, which is under review. On Nov. 7, City Council approved management agreement with OVG to operate the new arena. Agreement requires OVG to absorb all arena operating costs, and pay the City rent totaling $700,000 over 10 years, a capital contribution totaling $5 million over 10 years, and a percentage share of revenue. On Dec. 17 AECOM submitted its cost estimate for design development documents submitted by Perkins + Will. Project team is compiling value engineering options to bring costs within $165 million budget. City has completed environmental analysis of Tenenbaum property as part of due diligence for planned parking lot. Plan of action presented to Tenenbaum. Draft Canal District Master Plan presented to public in November, with plans to present to new Council on Jan. 16.

10/4/2019 11:09:25 AM:
Aug. 29: City Council approves lease agreement with Tenenbaum family for a 22-acre parcel adjacent to arena site to provide surface parking for up 2,500 cars. Sept. 12: Contract amendment with AECOM/Hunt to allow for early release packages prior to adoption of Guaranteed Maximum Price approved by Council. Early release packages include groundbreaking event, site work, utilities, foundations, elevators, steel procurement, and steel material and labor in an amount not to exceed $23.5 million. Sept. 12-13: Groundbreaking ceremony held on arena site. Sept. 26: Final architectural arena design approved by Council.

7/17/2019 5:59:16 PM:
Schematic design submitted by Perkins + Will on May 17. On June 6, City Council approved a contract amendment with Perkins + Will to create a redevelopment plan for the larger Canal District. Neighborhood engagement meetings as part of this process began the week of July 15. Plan is expected to be completed in November 2019. On May 9, 2019, City Council approved a contract amendment with JLL to provide sustainability services as part of the arena development. On April 25, 2019, City Council selected OVG as the new arena operator, and approved a design-assist contract with OVG. An arena operations agreement with OVG will be brought in front of City Council in August 2019. In June the City received an assessment from contractor Wolverton, which analyzed parking capacity on various parcels in the Canal District. Based on this, the City has decided to move forward with a surface parking plan until private development moves forward in the Canal District. An arena groundbreaking has been set for Sept. 13-14.

4/16/2019 2:42:04 PM:
Construction Manager at Risk AECOM and the City of Savannah came to terms on provisions of the CMAR contract on April 5; the document is currently being finalized by attorneys. A selection team has recommended awarding the arena operator contract to OVG. A team from OVG presented to City Council in executive session on April 11; Council is scheduled to vote on awarding the contract on April 25. The City Manager has brought in the services of consultant RMA to make recommendations on financing and development of an urban growth plan; those recommendations were still under review on April 16. Perkins + Will is scheduled to complete schematic designs on May 5, which will then be reviewed by technical staff. Perkins + Will will present final schematic designs to City Council on May 23.

12/28/2018 9:57:47 AM:
Schematic design is nearly complete. Will be presenting revisions to Council in early February. The arena operator proposals are under evaluation. A recommendation for award should be made to Council by the end of January. The Canal District Urban Growth Plan is approximately 50% complete. A recommendation to engage Greenline Architects to write the architectural standards section of the document. Upon completion of this plan City staff will work with the MPC to create a Zoning Overlay Ordinance. The contract for the Construction Manager at Risk is close to being executed. The City's attorney and Hunt/AECOM have reviewed and commented on two drafts. The liability insurance issue with the design team is also close to being solved. There have been several meetings involving legal and the City's Insurance Consultant to reach a solution that satisfies all parties.

10/11/2018 1:43:15 PM:
The Construction Manager at Risk contract was awarded by Council on September13th. Contract documents are being prepared and reviewed. The design team contract is nearly complete. There is one outstanding issue regarding liability insurance. The design team’s smaller subdesigners and consultants do not carry the level of insurance the City is requiring for this project. The City is currently looking into purchasing project specific insurance to bridge the gap between what the subs carry and what the City requires. A request for proposals for arena operators is currently active. The RFP closes later in October, qualified firms will be interviewed in November with a potential contract award by council occurring in December. The project is currently in the public engagement phase.

7/16/2018 12:00:20 PM:
The contract for arena design was awarded by Council to Perkins + Will on June 21, 2018. A design kickoff meeting was held July 10th and 11th where critical path site design issues were discussed with the City's plan reviewers. Items such as stormwater management, water and sewer improvements and the Stiles Avenue improvements from Gwinnett Street to the new arena were discussed. The budget and schedule for the project were also discussed. A recommendation for the Construction Manager at Risk will be made to Council in August.

4/6/2018 11:17:51 AM:
Project Management contract for Jones Lang Lasalle has been executed. Working on Arena Design RFP. The Design RFP will be posted on April 6, 2018.

4/6/2018 11:17:51 AM:
Project Management contract for Jones Lang Lasalle has been executed. Working on Arena Design RFP. The Design RFP will be posted on April 6, 2018.

1/9/2018 8:47:12 AM:
PShonka 12/28/2017 Council awarded the project management contract to Jones Lang LaSelle Americas, Inc.(JLL)in the Decemeber 21st Council Meeting. Next steps will be to execute the contract and start working with our project management team to determine the best project delivery method.

11/6/2017 9:50:04 AM:
Seven project management proposals were received on October 31st. Evaluations are underway.

7/18/2017 5:11:13 PM:
Amendment to Barrett Sports Contract is pending Council Approval. Once Approved Barrett Sports will assist in writing an Request For Proposal for Project Management and Evaluating the proposals.

3/31/2017 12:08:38 PM:
Civic Center Programming Study underway

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